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The history of the Carrico Family is one of hard work, dedication, and a little love.

Antonio A. Carrico was born in Portugal in 1920. At a young age Tony helped build his family’s home and learned the value of owning property.  On his 18th birthday he sailed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  His first job in Rio was delivering bread. He would keep the tally of bread going out and money coming back in for the bakery. He loved the beach and spent a lot of his off time at Beach at Ipanema.  After 4 years of living in Rio, the immigration quota opened, and he set sail for the United States in 1941 on a cargo ship.   He journeyed through the Panama Canal, despite reports of enemy submarines, and entered the U.S. through New Orleans, LA.  He did not speak English, but with the help of a Spanish family that befriended him, he was able to make it to Oakland, California. He connected back with his father who was working in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time. Tony worked for a short time in a foundry. He was drafted in into the U.S. Army in 1945. Tony was lucky not to be deployed as the war had ended, and the beginning of the Peace Treaty agreement was being written. Upon discharge, he was given U.S. Naturalization and began working for the shipyards as a longshoreman.

Trinidad Gonzalez was born in Mexico in 1919 and reared in Phoenix, Arizona. Trini came from a large family (10 siblings in all) and loved growing up in Arizona.  She developed a love for baseball as a young teen and played city league baseball with her sisters. After her parents had both passed, the siblings all moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Trini worked with her sisters at the Richmond Shipyards, they were proud to be Rosie the Riveters.

Tony and Trini worked in the shipyards during the same time. Tony and his cousin would often notice Trini and her sister walking to and from work. One day, Tony and his cousin decided to cross the street and strike up a conversation. Trini’s sister and Tony’s cousin quickly became friends, the two of them were much more outgoing. With the ebb and flow of their daily meetings on the sidewalk and their closest friends building a friendship, Trini and Tony slowly started to fall in love.

After a serendipitous meeting and wonderful courtship, Tony and Trini married. The newlywed couple purchased a Mexican Restaurant from one of Trini’s brothers.  Together they successfully ran The Hacienda Mexican Restaurant for 56 yrs.  Tony could be found every single day, including holidays, at the restaurant.  He wore a suit and tie daily, whether he was working with customers or doing repairs. He always kept busy, he slept little (2-4 hours a night); Tony managed to find time to invest in properties, apartments, and become a member of many partnerships. If you asked Tony what his hobby was, he would say “work”.  Tony and Trini taught their children about life through business principles. Tony was 85 years old when he closed the restaurant, but continued to go there daily.  All the tables were left set, he said “this way they could reopen and the tables would be ready”.

Trini loved to draw, read her Bible, listen to music, and travel. She always wore a smile and made friends wherever she went. She enjoyed painting, carving, writing poetry, and even dabbled in cake decorating. Together the Carrico’s shared a love for dirt – growing plants and fruit trees. They both loved the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s, and did their share of supporting the San Francisco 49ers. Trini was always ready for a trip, she was preparing a trip for her family when she passed at 89 years old. Tony never really stopped working. He was working with his accountant at the hospital when he passed at 91 years old. Tony and Trini raised their children and lived a moderate life style. They never fully knew the sum of their wealth accumulation.

In memory of their hard work, dedication, and ability to build a legacy from the beginning; the Carrico Family Foundation was founded to help people start a successful and bright future.

About the Foundation

The Carrico Family Foundation (Foundation) is a private Foundation established in 2012 to provide grants to domestic Section 501(c)(3) organizations primarily in the Southern Oregon area.


To enrich lives, add opportunity, and help those living in Southern Oregon thrive.


At risk youth and families receive the help they need to overcome poverty, abuse, and addiction for a better future.

Support local health and human service organizations to help end homelessness and aid with mental illness.

Support education programs for children to inspire a passion for learning.